Choosing the winner of a match is the most common type of bet not only in e-sports matches, but also in any sports discipline. But there are a large number of other options in which you can try your luck and your knowledge.Let’s get back to our fictional match FaZe Clan vs. MIBR. On one of the betting sites there is an opportunity to bet on the spread of the rounds: with what advantage of the rounds will the team win or how many rounds will the composition give to the opponents. The coefficients are: FaZe Clan (-6.5 rounds, 1.77), MIBR (+6.5 rounds, 1.9). A bet on fays will work if they win a match with a difference of 7 or more rounds (for example, 16: 5). If you select the MIBR bet, you can make a profit if they lose with a difference in the rounds of no more than 6 (for example, 12:16).

Another option for betting on dota 2 sites for betting is to guess the number of rounds. Most often, the starting point is 25.5 or 26.5. For example, if the MIBR win with a score of 16: 8, then the total number of rounds will be 24, the victory will go to those who chose “Less.” If the match ends for FaZe Clan with a score of 16:14, then the total number of rounds will be 30, those who choose “More” will win.

Another popular bet is determining the winner of the pistol round. This is the first and 16th round of the match, when the teams begin to play for a new side. At their disposal there are only pistols and several grenades. Such rounds are important, because they determine the state of the economy of the teams for at least 2 next rounds.

Australia’s leading specialist
in automatic door systems

We have a wide range of commercial and
residential solutions, plus we’re NDIS approved.

Australia’s leading specialist
in automatic door systems

We have a wide range of commercial and
residential solutions, plus we’re NDIS approved.

Automated sliding and
swing door systems

Commercial solutions

Our commercial solutions are ideal for any application where reliability and safety is a must. Our consultants can help you choose the right system for your requirements.

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Whether you need an automated door, wireless intercom system or remote control entrance lock, we have a range of solutions to fit all homes and we’re NDIS approved.

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As an expert in automatic systems, we can customise products to suit individual needs or abilities. If you have a particular requirement, we’re confident we have the solution.

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Sliding door systems

Automatic sliding door systems with elegant designs, quiet operation and meets the most demanding traffic requirements.

Disabled toilet systems

A large range of quality accessories from locks and exit buttons to full wireless systems and replacement remote controls.


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