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Disabled Toilet Systems

The Disabled toilet system has been designed to make it easy for the disabled to enter the toilet and lock and unlock the door.

disabled toiletThe disabled toilet system is installed at the entrance and in the inside of the toilet for the physically challenged to automatically open and close the door. This system can also be adapted for both swing and sliding doors, it has a built in anti pass back system so the door can only be locked when there is a person in the toilet. With safety in mind it has an override function on the outside, the open and close buttons have braille under them and a voice system. Voice system phrases are as follows – says “open” when open button is pressed, “doors closing” when the close button is pressed and once the close button is pressed from the inside, the door is locked and the outside panel is disabled and the occupied light comes on.

Installation and wiring

Emergency call system

Disabled toilet emergency panelFor added safety we have an emergency call system available that will enable a person in the toilet to raise the alarm for help if needed.

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